5 thoughts on “They call this a weed

  1. It’s under the category of a weed because weeds constantly spread. If you didn’t get rid of the roots it would spread to a new location, however it does deserve a better name because it could be a ver pretty plant if controlled in the right area.

  2. My yard is pretty good, but, anytime I see any I send the kids out to pick me flowers. I do think they are pretty but I don’t want a yard full. My project right now I’m reaching out to other bloggers to see if they would be interested in joining Melaleuca – it is a very reputable Wellness company that is like Whole Foods quality at Target prices with Amazon ease. I am a REAL person I promise (check me out) and I hope you will e-mail me for more info.

  3. I agree that the dandelion deserves better than to be called a weed. I think they are quite pretty and yet you see advertisements of weed killers for your lawn and they always denigrate the poor dandelion. I never understood that. My guinea pigs love dandelion leaves. That is their favourite ” fresh cut greens” as I call them. On rainy days I always go and get them some fresh cut greens but on nice days they are out in their outdoor cage happily munching and taking in the sights and sounds. 🙂

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