4 thoughts on “Maybe it was about time

  1. I did see it. You’re lucky. We live on an acreage with a HUGE side yard and a HUGE backyard and a smaller front yard. We even have 2 goats to help. They roam free and graze where they will. We also live adjacent to a horse farm and it’s really fun to watch the horses and goats grazing close to each other. :). I remember last year our tractor broke down and our manual lawn mower was also not working. That was before we got the goats. What a mess but we ended up getting a new tractor and our lawns are looking great now. We also have 2 guinea pigs that do their part as well in their outdoor cage munching away. Our golden retriever thinks she is part goat as she also grazes with them. I will post a picture of Luna our dog and Max our goat grazing last year shortly after we got Max. We got Chief our second goat about 4 months later as we realized Max needed a friend 🙂 ♥

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