7 thoughts on “More pavlova

  1. I have to ask the photographer this question…
    I am Aadi…and inspired by ur blog, I have also started a photoblog…but am n amateur and m learning…I have to ask u whether u edit the photographs…and if u do, what software do u use to edit it?
    P.S. I have to say that I love every photos in this blog…

    1. Thanks!

      These photos, actually, aren’t filtered or edited at all. And despite your kind comments, it does show on some of them 🙂

      The trick to take great photos is to take loads of them, and throw most of them out again.

      1. i really cant believe that they are unedited… 🙂 wow…u are a very good photographer…
        as as for the tip, do u mean like…u take as many photos as possible from many different angles and then find out the right one and discard the rest?

      2. Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. I got that advice from a pro photographer.

        ‘Course the difference between my ameteur photos and pro photos is that the pros have great taste when picking their surroundings.

  2. Love Pavlova. I heard that the Australians made this dessert for a Russian ballerina when she came to dance Down Under. I love Pavlova. We used to put berries and kiwis and passion fruit on to of unsweetened whipping cream. YUMMM

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