Drawn by yours truly decades ago


It’s a christmas calendar. When you open #24 there’s a christmas tree based on the tree cut down in #22.

8 thoughts on “Drawn by yours truly decades ago

  1. what a meticulous drawing – this really stood out to me and I do not think I have ever seen a hand drawn “countdown” calendar – or an art piece like this.

    I have only sent the the commercial countdowns (like from Trader Joes) or the chalk board ones. but this is just really unique – and look alike some time was spent creating it.
    It has that professional “blue print” feel – the hand (and ruler) skills of an architect!!
    – and somehow there is a whimsical and fun feel that permeates the mathematical feel – like with the red, curvy slide, the huge (hidden) closet of presents (stacked with care)- the elf reading!! = and so much more. This needs to be in frame if it is not already. 🙂

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply! and I have to tell you that I came to this blog because I wanted to make a suggestion on the emoticon post but the comments were closed – and so I clicked your link to see if I could suggest it via that link (just wanted to suggest something that could be used for LMAO- like a face laughing with tears) but then the link led me to the beautiful photographs – and then that advent drawing – which by the way -yeah, it would have been nice to see with the doors opened!

        oh yeah, and just coming back to it again now – I like the “spacing” of items too – like the sink and the commode in the lower right – how they are right in the middle of their squares – the spacing throughout just feels like this balanced-math-ish kind of piece.
        take care.

      2. We’ll continually be improving the smileys and adjusting them to be more expressive. The 😄 could certainly be improved! You’re always welcome to send your suggestions to support as well.

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